What is bright indirect light?

What is bright indirect light?

You hear the phrase bright indirect light used for a great number of our indoor plants, and it is a fitting description for what many of them more enjoy. But for a new plant parent it’s hard to know what exactly this phrase means. Here are my tips for determining the best bright, indirect light spots in your home.

Does my hand cast a shadow? A spot that has bright, indirect light will show a shadow. For the brightest indirect look for the shadow your hand casts and see how crisp the edges are. The sharper the edges, the brighter your spot.

Does direct sun touch the foliage? This is the key in indirect light, the sun will not directly touch the leaves of your plants. A bit of morning rays are usually okay for most of our houseplants, but remember that the plants that do well in our homes tend to be understory plants, growing in the bright shade on and under trees. These are the conditions we are trying to replicate.

Can my plant see the sky? The best bright indirect light spot gives your plant a view of the sky, without the sun touching it’s leaves. If it’s far enough from a window that it doesn’t have a view of the sky, try a plant that prefers medium light, or tolerates lower light situations.

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