Top 5 Houseplants for New Plant Parents

Top 5 Houseplants for New Plant Parents

Choosing your first plants is tough! We are trying to take some of the guesswork and confusion out of the process with our Plant Parent 101 Workshop (also known as Recovering Plant Murderer Class). If you have time to attend one of these sessions they are packed with information AND you leave with two plants recommended for new plant parents!

Pothos – Gorgeous, fast growing so you feel like a plant master, fun to propagate, and ridiculously tolerant of a wide variety of light and watering situations. This is always the plant I recommend as the first introduction to houseplants. It gets a lot of grief these days because it’s so common – but it has proliferated for good reason. I am a huge fan of pothos, with at least a dozen in my own home!

Sansevieria – The snake plant is another great plant that is especially patient if we are likely to forget to water. It come is so many varieties from tall and graceful to cylindrical shapes and the really popular whale fin variety.

Aglaonema – Commonly known as the Chinese Evergreen this is another excellent plant for new plant parents. They do well in some of our lower light spaces and are a fantastic tabletop plant. I love them in pinks, shades of green, and the red varieties. There are so many to choose from!

ZZ Plant – This is another one that you will commonly see in offices and dark corners. They will live in some of the lower light situations that many plants won’t tolerate.

Neanthe Bella Palm – This sweet little plant commonly known as the parlour palm is graceful, compact, tolerant of mistakes and very pet safe. This is my top pick for the new plant parent who is concerned that their furry friends might try to take a nibble.

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