The Truth about Low Light Plants

The Truth about Low Light Plants

There are many plants you will find that are labeled as low light plants. And there genuinely are some plants that will live, and look beautiful, in lower light situations. But it’s important to understand that light is the food source for plants. Without light, they die. Without sufficient light, some may take a longer time and die a more graceful death, but to survive they need some light.

If you can’t read a book, without supplemental light, in a space, this would not be a space we recommend for a houseplant to grow and thrive. I know, that dark corner in your kitchen or your windowless bathroom really need a little plant love. I feel this deeply having a home with great light in some places, and woefully inadequate light in many spots. I have a solution!

First, choose a plant that really is tolerant of being light starved. Aglaeonema are at the very top of my low light list for the combination of beauty, interest, and being almost bulletproof. Close behind are the tried and true sanseveria and pothos. Choose a budget friendly option, this isn’t something I’d recommend to try with the crown jewel of your collection!

Next, buy two of the same plant.We do this so that we can place one plant in our darker corner, and its twin in a brighter spot. Every week rotate the plants. I recommend timing your watering so it’s just before it moves to the brighter spot location so it dries out at a healthy rate.

One last tip, remember that the amount of light our plants get directly influences their watering needs, so if you have a lot of lower light corners your plants are likely to need less watering. Which can be a win for those of us who are big fans of the plants that need less care!

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