The Myth of the Green Thumb

The Myth of the Green Thumb

It’s a story I’ve heard so many times. One that I used to tell myself. I kill every plant that comes my way. Houseplants are doomed under my care. My thumb is black as night.

But I believe that we can all learn to care for plants and have them thrive. A green thumb is not born, but rather, cultivated. Helping people cultivate their green thumb is my favorite part of what I do!

There are advantages of course. A childhood spend surrounded by houseplants, absorbing wisdom in the air by watching those close to you care for plants. Even when we are not aware of it, some of that knowledge has a way of rubbing off. There are some natural tendencies, a love of science, a naturally analytical approach to problems that can provide an edge.

For the most part, I think we learn by doing. By trying new plants and seeing how they do in our homes, in different spots, and over time. And sometimes we learn by killing a few plants along the way. I promise, I have killed my fair share! Each loss has taught me something. Sometimes it just taught me that certain plants aren’t best suited to my care style!

Being a houseplant parent is about finding the plants that bring you joy, and enhance your space. It’s a process of learning to care for, cultivate, and even propagate them.

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