What plants come next?

What plants come next?

So you’ve mastered pothos and your sansiveria is thriving. The ZZ plant is happy and you are ready for a new plant challenge. Congratulations! This is an exciting next step and we love providing recommendations! Here are my top 3 picks for Stage 2 Plant Friends. These are plants that may be a tad more finicky or need a little more attention.

  1. Syngonium – This is one of my all time favorite house plants. It’s a very easy care plant, but it’s a bit less tolerant of drying out. I would rank it as a great next step.
  2. Hoya – Careful. The path down this road is lined with some of the most beautiful houseplants! This pet friendly plant is a great choice to expand your collection. It’s easy care, but does have higher light requirements and is not tolerant of overwatering.
  3. Calathea – The ever beautiful painted leaves of the many, many calathea varieties. This is the plant family that really got me hooked on my love of plants and my plant hoarding ways! Definitely a next level plant, and one that many may have challenges with. The love humidity and are not tolerant of drying out. I recommend starting with an easier care but incredibly striking variety like the Calathea Lancifolia, commonly known as the rattlesnake plant.

We are happy to talk with you in the shop or at a pop-up about which plant might be right for you, or schedule an in-home consultation with the Plantstay team today!


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