Plant Prices, oh my!

Plant Prices, oh my!

The price of houseplants, especially the more rare and hard to find varieties, is ever-increasing recently. I know that can be frustrating, particularly if you were into plants long before the craze began. There is simply a much greater demand than there are plants available and no matter how fast growers work producing plants at scale takes a lot of time.

Seeing houseplants sell for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars can be very intimidating! What’s a plant parent to do? Here are three tips to help you continue to grow your collection, and mind your budget.

  1.  Just wait. I know, this is hard. That new and amazing plant you’ve just learned about would have the perfect spot in your home! I feel this on a very deep level. Some plants that I deeply covet are honestly just priced out of my reach right now. One of two things will happen, the price will come down into my range, or I won’t have that particular plant. And either option will be fine. With some patience it’s likely I’ll find my dream plant as a baby that is within my budget, or I’ll find another plant I love just as much!
  2. Look for something different. Just like anything else plants come and go in popularity. At the moment aroids are all the rage. If you hunt a little harder you may find some plants that are not as hyped at the moment that will be easier to find and more affordable.
  3. Be different in a different way. Instead of hunting for rare plants I’ve made a hobby of hunting for statement plants. Very large or unique versions of some of our more tried and true varieties. That basic pothos with 8 foot vines I acquired? Not regretting that at all! A plant doesn’t have to be rare to be special, it can also be the very best version of that particular plant. It’s a fun and much less competitive way to improve your collection and beautify your space!


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