Excited to be Gainesville’s Plant Shop

Gainesville Houseplant Shop

Excited to be Gainesville’s Plant Shop

We are so excited to celebrate one week in the new Gainesville FL plant shop location. We have had visits from so many friends who came to our pop ups, and many many new friends!

This week was our third plant restock since opening and we have a large order of pots and planters on the way. The Gainesville houseplant shop will deliver an array of interesting, less common, and occasionally rare plants for all skill levels.

If you are new to houseplants in Gainesville, or you are a plant expert, come visit and see what we have to offer! Our soil blend bar includes many soil blends and amendments to choose from and you are welcome to repot your plant in the shop with soil purchased here! Save the mess at home and make the perfect blend for each plant’s needs.

If you are looking for indoor potted plants in Gainesville, make Plantstay your first stop!

We are located at 3739 W University Ave and open 7 days a week from 10-6.

Keep an eye out for Gainesville Plant workshops and events as well!

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