Black Friday Remembered

Black Friday Remembered

I’ve always loved black Friday. From the time our children were young my sister and I would make lists of our favorite stores and plan a day of Christmas shopping and people watching.

At the time, I was on my own with three young children. The savings were, at least initially, the biggest draw. One year, my sister and I waited outside Toys-R-Us for 5 hours. We were first in line to make sure I could secure my daughter’s top wishlist request.

This was 15 years ago and I’m not actually sure if my daughter even remembers the distant gift now. I remember it.

And even more I remember that time spent with my sister huddled in camping chairs. In a time before smartphones, we dared each other with ridiculous challenges and laughed until we cried. Two sisters, planning how we would divide and conquer when the doors opened. Snacking on leftover pie.

It’s been years since I have gone Black Friday shopping with my sister. Time and distance have reshaped our lives. I’ve tried to recreate the magic by taking my own children on Black Friday adventures. I appreciate their enthusiasm, they humor me. But it’s never quite the same.

Some magic is just so deeply rooted to a time-space that it’s almost impossible to recreate.

Now here I am, with my own small retail business, looking at this day through a new lens. Looking forward to welcoming plant friends inside, and feeling so grateful that there’s new magic in the air.


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