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Bren Strickland is the director of Plantstay, the Gainesville Plant Shop. We are a woman and minority owned business operating through a collaborative ownership structure. 

Plantstay is a retail and online indoor plant shop dedicated to cultivating the green thumb in all of us! Our Gainesville plant shop is open 7 days a week to meet with plant friends and help deliver the best plants to their forever homes. 


We focus on the sale of interesting, less common, and sometimes even rare plants. We also offer products and accessories designed for their care (plus some fun accessories for their human caretakers). 


We cultivate indoor green spaces through installation and consultation services, and we grow community through plant workshops and education.


We live and work in Gainesville, FL and believe in the power of community and local partnerships. If you have ideas to share or plants that you would love to see on our shelves we would love to hear from you!


Call us at 352-400-4757 or email plantfriends@plantstay.com