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  Plantstay was designed to support, brace plants in their upright position without ever damaging the root system.  Think about it...  A revolutionary way to support/brace, or adjust your canopy without ever damaging the roots!  Never putting anything foreign into the medium. Know this, damage to your roots, can stall or hinder growth; for up to 10 days...With a plants fruit/flower bearing cycle of only 8-10 weeks, that is about 15% of the plants cycle! Get more yield by using Plantstay to support or brace your potted plants. The next generation of potted plant support. Perfect for hydro too.

Plantstay... "Its like having a A Paper-Clip for your Potted Plants". (click pic's for close ups)

Looking for a plant support? Looking for Plant Trellace? Looking for a Plant stake? looking for a solution to train and support a potted plant in it's upright position? This is the right place. Plantstay works on almost any size or shape pot, for plants. No more using a stake and tie, Plantstay is a revolutionary design that supports, braces and trains all in one, in-expensive and easy to use, lasts a lifetime. Watch our video demonstration, or hop over to our Blog for some growing tips. Our Blog has all the information you need to know about supporting or bracing plants.
picture of damage roots from old method picture of plant support or brace picture of plantstay supporting or bracing a plant picture of plant support or brace close up

Conventional methods of supporting a plant, would use to require a stick to be stabbed into the soil medium, or next to it's root ball. Then a clip or tie is fastened to a stick, which further attaches to the plant. Over time, as you can see in the first picture the damage the old conventional method caused; after so many watering(s), 'bumps' and re-adjustments as well as broken/loose clips, that may have rotted in the mid-day sun. Then of course, one finds their plant leaning over almost ready to break! The attempt to re-position the stake that once supported the plant finally broke part of the root system (Pictured above first on the Left). The Plumeria tree in these pictures are what prompted the design of Plantstay. This is also perfect for Hydroponics as it does not need to stab into anything Plantstay clips on the pot's edge, then supports the stalk. A perfect, adjsutable plant support or brace.

Please preview the 2 minute flash video/infomercial of Plantstay being used. There you will see Plantstay being used to support or brace plants with a couple of different sized pots, easily and done; without any tools, clips or 'other-parts'. Simply using your hands Plantstay(s) 3 sizes will adjust to fit pots from 5" to 24" and everything in between. Plantstay is Economical, Re-usable and Adjustable. plant support or brace. Plantstay was designed for use with just about any sized or shaped pot, from the Novice to the Avid Gardner. People who realize the damage of stabbing a foreign object in, or too close to the feeder roots, will welcome this revolutionary change in supporting, bracing or 'propping-up-plants'. Or to simply adust their plants canopy, without haveing to have an obtrusive stick 'jammed' into the root ball of the plant. ---Grow on try it!

Plantstay Logo with plant support of old and with new plant support using Plantstay

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Retailer's & Distributor's, contact us if you would like to carry Plantstay at your locations. Plantstay is made of medium carbon galvanized material, for strength/torque value and to be rust resistant. Plantstay has been field tested and proven to work. We are always willing to work with any sized outlet.
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